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Sam Noble at Turing Fest 2016

Turing Fest 2016

Relive all the action from Turing Fest 2016, with full video and slides from each and every session...

Courtney Seiter, Buffer

No Office Required: Building Culture on a Remote Team

Courtney Seiter
Director of People, Buffer

Emily Webber, Tacit London

Embracing Change or Bracing for Change: Fostering a Culture of Continuous Improvement in Product Teams

Emily Webber
Former Head of Agile Delivery, Goverment Digital Service


Hilary Roberts, Skyscanner

Science and Sensibility: Thoughts on Experimentation and Growth

Hilary Roberts
Director of Product Management, Skyscanner

Janna Bastow, ProdPad

The Power of Product Focus

Janna Bastow
Co-founder & CEO, ProdPad

John Peebles, Administrate

Building Products: More Than Meets the Eye

John Peebles
CEO, Administrate

Lucie McLean, BBC

Come Together: Building Product Culture in Non-Digital Organisations

Lucie McLean
Head of Product (Children's), BBC

Patrick Campbell, ProfitWell

How to Build Actual Customer-Driven Product

Patrick Campbell
Co-founder & CEO, Price Intelligently

Pete Herlihy, GDS

Why No-One Should Ever See Your Best Work

Pete Herlihy
Lead Product Manager, Government Digital Service

Rand Fishkin, Moz

What I'd Change, What I'd Keep the Same & What I Don't Yet Know

Rand Fishkin
Founder & former CEO, Moz

Andy Young, 500 Startups

Data-Driven Growth: Analytics Tools and Tips for Marketers in 2016

Andy Young
Entrepreneur-in-residence, 500 Startups

Depesh Mandalia

The Acquisition Marketing Puzzle Most Fail to Complete

Depesh Mandalia
Former Chief Marketing Officer, toucanBox

Hannah Smith, Verve Search

Right in the Feels (or, How to Create Content That Gets Shared)

Hannah Smith
Head of Creative, Verve Search

Lexi Mills

The PR Formula for Content Marketing

Lexi Mills
Former Managing Director, Manyminds Digital

Mike McGrail, Velocity Digital

Got the Marketing Skills to Pay the Bills?

Mike McGrail
Founder, Velocity Digital

Oli Gardner, Unbounce

The Conversion Equations

Oli Gardner
Co-founder, Unbounce

Rand Fishkin, Moz

The Worst Advice Marketing Ever Gave Content

Rand Fishkin
Founder & former CEO, Moz

Samantha Noble

Paid Media: It's Not All About the Endgame

Samantha Noble
Founder & Managing Director, Biddable Moments

Wil Reynolds, Seer Interactive

The Human Ranking Algorithm: The People Behind the Queries

Wil Reynolds
Founder & Director of Digital Strategy, Seer Interactive