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Joanna Lord at Turing Fest 2017

How to Operationalize Growth for Maximum Revenue

Joanna Lord

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In this presentation Joanna will talk through the many levers of growth, and how to organize your teams, processes, and channels to maximize growth. She’ll give examples of how the best companies in the world created growth engines, and leave you with tactics to bring back to your teams and beat out your competitors.

Joanna Lord
Joanna Lord
Chief Marketing Officer, ClassPass

Joanna Lord is CMO of ClassPass, leading customer growth, community development, lifecycle marketing and brand. Prior to that she was Vice President of Marketing at Porch, a leading consumer marketplace for homeowners; CMO of BigDoor, an enterprise software solution serving companies like Starbucks, CBS, and the NFL; and VP of Growth Marketing at SEOmoz.

She is a global keynote speaker and digital evangelist, as well as contributing author at and Joanna is a recognized thought-leader in digital marketing and startup mentor (TechStars, NEXT, UP Global, Startup Weekend). She was recently named as one of Seattle’s 40 Under 40.




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