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Wil Reynolds at Turing Fest 2017

What Happens When An ‘SEO Guy’ Starts Doing PPC?

Wil Reynolds
Seer Interactive

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What I learned about people, switching teams, and how to be a better marketer when I decided to solve SEO problems with PPC tools.

Wil Reynolds
Wil Reynolds
Founder & Director of Digital Strategy, Seer Interactive

Wil is founder of Seer Interactive, one of the most highly regarded digital marketing agencies in the US.

A man who likes helping people and businesses grow, Wil is a former teacher with a knack for advising, Wil been helping Fortune 500 companies develop SEO strategies since 1999. Seeing the need for an agency that does good by its team, clients and community, Wil started Seer Interactive in 2002 as a one-man operation out of his living room. Today, Seer is home to over 100 employees across Philadelphia and San Diego.

As Seer’s Director of Digital Strategy, Wil develops strategies and innovations to help clients build traffic and make money. His methods have shaped the search industry worldwide, and he speaks regularly at marketing conferences across the globe. In his free time, Wil hangs out with his wife Nora, son Rio and pup Coltrane. He also serves Philadelphia’s homeless and runaway youth at Covenant House, where he participates in a yearly sleep out.

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Wil Reynolds at Turing Fest 2016
Turing Fest 2016
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