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Nick Marsh at Turing Fest 2017

Product of Your Imagination: Adventures in Product Management, Storytelling and Pasta Monsters

Nick Marsh
Chief Product Officer, Wonderbly

Turing Fest returns on 4-6 Aug 2020 — Early Birds out now!

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What happens when you bring user-centred, data-driven product management techniques to bear on the creation and iteration of ‘imagination products’ such as stories for children? In turn, what can product people learn from the imaginative techniques used by story tellers? Why is it that only a water princess can defeat the pasta monster? Nick will use his experience creating bestselling children’s books at Lost My Name to explore these questions and more.

Nick Marsh
Nick Marsh
Chief Product Officer, Wonderbly

Nick Marsh is Head of Product at Wonderbly (previously known as Lost My Name), where he has the incredible privilege of managing the creation of stunningly personalised books for children that will last forever. Before that he worked in the ephemeral world of startups and digital design consultancy.




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