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Des Traynor at Turing Fest 2018

Turing Fest 2018

Relive all the action from Turing Fest 2018, with full video and slides from each and every session...

Gabrielle Bufrem, Pivotal Labs

Bootstrapping User Research: No Budget, No Team, No Buy-in, No Problem

Gabrielle Bufrem
Product manager, Pivotal Labs

Colin Burns, BBC

"Peak Web" UX Design: What to do next...?

Colin Burns
Chief Design Officer, BBC

Martin Eriksson, Mind the Product

You Are All Product Managers

Martin Eriksson
Chairman, Mind the Product

Miloš Lalić

The Continuous Search for Product/Market Fit

Miloš Lalić
Head of Product, Typeform

Roan Lavery, FreeAgent

Driving Growth vs. Building Core Value

Roan Lavery
Co-founder & Chief Product Officer, FreeAgent

Amy Zima, Spotify

Killing Products

Amy Zima
Product manager, Spotify

Patrick Campbell, ProfitWell

Our Fundamental Strategy of Building a Business is Broken

Patrick Campbell
Co-founder & CEO, ProfitWell

Des Traynor, Intercom

What We’ve Learned From Scaling to 0-25k+ Paying Customers

Des Traynor
Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Intercom

Fred Destin, Stride.VC

Boards That Don't Suck

Fred Destin
Founding Partner, Stride.VC

Rand Fishkin & Robin Wauters

Fireside Chat: Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin
Founder, SparkToro

Robin Wauters

Mark Logan

The Real Reasons Startups and Scale-ups Fail (And What to Do About It)

Mark Logan
Former COO, Skyscanner

Susan Ramonat, Spiritus Partners

Blockchain Unraveled

Susan Ramonat
Founder & CEO, Spiritus Partners

Eric Yuan & John Peebles

Fireside Chat: Eric Yuan

Eric Yuan
Founder & CEO, Zoom

Fabrizio Ballarini, TransferWise

Scaling Organic Growth by Building Products

Fabrizio Ballarini
Head of Organic Growth & SEO, TransferWise

Amber Baldet, Clovyr

Decentralized, Private, Open, Secure: Building a More Ethical Internet

Amber Baldet
Co-founder & CEO, Clovyr

Steli Efti,

The 7 Deadly Startup Sales Sins

Steli Efti
Co-founder & CEO,

Ed Fry,

Data-Driven Growth: Lies, Lawyers & Outsized Results

Ed Fry
Head of Growth,

Rebecca Moore, Skyscanner

Self-Disrupt for Growth

Rebecca Moore
Director of Growth, Skyscanner

Edgar Rouwenhorst, iZettle

Marketing as a Growth Driver: From Cult Leaders to Chief Executives

Edgar Rouwenhorst
Chief Marketing Officer, iZettle

Paul Campbell, Tito

A Modern Approach to Third-Party Embedded Widgets

Paul Campbell
Co-founder & CEO, Tito

Maria Gutierrez, FreeAgent

What Should We Work On?

Maria Gutierrez
Head of Engineering (London), Intercom
Former VP Engineering, FreeAgent

Ivana McConnell,

Ethics, Software and Identity in the Age of Data

Ivana McConnell
Senior UI/UX Designer,

Mike McQuaid, GitHub

How to Not Fail at Using Open-Source Software in Your Organisation

Mike McQuaid
Senior Software Engineer, GitHub

Jim Newbery

How to Survive the Single-Page App-ocalypse

Jim Newbery
Product development consultant & coach

Meri Williams, Monzo

Five Things I Wish I'd Known Sooner About Scaling Teams & Culture

Meri Williams
Chief Technology Officer, Monzo Bank
Former Chief Technology Officer, MOO

Scott Berkun

The Dance of the Possible: A better way to understand how to work with ideas

Scott Berkun
Author, The Dance of the Possible

Kirsty Lynagh, Nucleus

Architect and Anthropologist: the two roles needed in your team to win in the workplace in the future

Kirsty Lynagh
Chief People Officer, Nucleus

James Mayes, Mind the Product

Making Remote Inclusive

James Mayes
Co-founder & CEO, Mind the Product

John Peebles, Administrate

“Things Are Getting Mental”: Let's Talk About Self-Care and Startups

John Peebles
CEO, Administrate

Check Warner, Diversity VC

Building with Diversity

Check Warner
Co-founder & CEO, Diversity VC
Venture Advisor, Seraphim Capital

Des Traynor & Robin Wauters

Fireside Chat: Des Traynor

Des Traynor
Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Intercom

Robin Wauters

Rand Fishkin, SparkToro

Why Launches Fail: How Creators and Marketers Can Launch Projects That Hit Their Goals and Produce Long-Term, Positive Impact

Rand Fishkin
Founder, SparkToro
Founder & former CEO, Moz

Jono Alderson, Yoast

Digital marketing in a post-digital world: are you ready for what comes next?

Jono Alderson
Mad Scientist, Yoast

Meagen Eisenberg, MongoDB

How the Hell Do You Get More Leads?

Meagen Eisenberg
Chief Marketing Officer, MongoDB

Oli Gardner, Unbounce

Content Marketing is Broken and Only Your M.O.M. Can Save You

Oli Gardner
Co-founder, Unbounce

Cindy Krum, MobileMoxie

The New Way Google Understands the World

Cindy Krum
Founder & CEO, MobileMoxie

Samantha Noble, Biddable Moments

Blink & You’ll Miss It: The Ever-Changing Landscape of Paid Media

Samantha Noble
Founder & Managing Director, Biddable Moments

Jes Scholz, Ringier

Marketing in an AI World

Jes Scholz
International Digital Director, Ringier

James Turing, Turing Trust

Building IT Social Enterprises in Rural Africa: A Myriad of Challenges, But Even More Opportunity

James Turing
Founder & CEO, Turing Trust

Dr Enigma

How Turing and His Team Hacked Enigma

Dr Mark Baldwin
'Dr. Enigma'

Jon Myers, Ascending Media

A Brief History of Search

Jon Myers
Founder, Ascending Media