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Amy Zima at Turing Fest 2018

Killing Products

Amy Zima

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You spend months — sometimes years — building a new feature. Once it's shipped you celebrate, and move onto the next thing. But product development isn't exclusively new feature development. In this talk, Amy will draw on her experience killing products at high-scale businesses. You'll learn why product development teams should constantly evaluate their product portfolio, some techniques to help you always-be-evaluating, and some advice on how to gracefully deprecate your products.

Amy Zima
Amy Zima
Product Manager, Spotify

Amy Zima is a consumer-focused product manager at Spotify, working on the future of their mobile apps from their Stockholm HQ. Originally from the UK, Amy has 8 years' experience in the product trenches — from early stage startups, to media orgs, to large tech companies. She enjoys creative making in her spare time — most recently screen-printing — and is a qualified wine geek. She received a BA in English from Goldsmiths.




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