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Des Traynor at Turing Fest

What We’ve Learned Scaling From 0-25k+ Paying Customers

Des Traynor

Turing Fest returns on 4-6 Aug 2020 — Early Birds out now!

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Des shares the wins, losses, successes and failures he’s experienced working across product, growth, marketing, and support at one of the fastest-growing startups out there. This talk will cover the decisions that can make or break a product, including the product’s pricing, packaging, positioning and placement. Anyone working in marketing, growth, or product will learn the impact of these early product decisions on a business’ trajectory and how the right decision can lead to maximum growth.

Des Traynor
Des Traynor
Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer @ Intercom

Des Traynor is co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Intercom. He previously co-founded Exceptional (now a part of Rackspace) and as well as Contrast, a software design agency. Des' role at Intercom covers many areas, including marketing, product strategy, customer support and customer education. Des is a renowned speaker, blogger and visionary on product strategy, and frequently represents Intercom when speaking at international conferences.



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