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Growth: From Cult Leaders to Chief Executives

Edgar Rouwenhorst

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Marketing as you know it died 10 years ago, and ‘growth hacking’ often just means ‘we failed to deliver results’. Drawing on his experiences leading the marketing team for one of Europe’s top fintech companies, Edgar will offer practical insight into marketing in a product company, applying Agile principles to your marketing, scaling up to hyper-growth, managing relationships with the c-suite — and more!

Edgar Rouwenhorst
Edgar Rouwenhorst
Chief Marketing Officer, iZettle

With over 10 years of international experience in management consulting and advertising, Edgar understands what makes businesses and people tick and has a knack for influencing decision-making. He leads the iZettle marketing organisation across four countries with a purpose to realise business growth by marketing products and services that are well-remembered and well-distributed.

The overload of choice and the pressure of making instant decisions makes marketing ripe for rethinking traditional practices and agency models in order to deliver on aggressive commercial challenges. Edgar's interest in applying tech and psychology principles into marketing has resulted in a new way of working — one that encourages faster implementation and ongoing optimisation that fuels the growth of Europe’s fastest growing fintech company.



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