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Gabrielle Bufrem at Turing Fest 2018

Bootstrapping User Research: No Budget, No Team, No Buy-in, No Problem

Gabrielle Bufrem

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User research is essential to building products that solve real user problems. It is often a precursor to good design and excellent product development. User research typically comes with some clichés — “it’s so expensive,” “we need a dedicated research team,” or “the people that I work for don’t buy into it.”

If you’ve experienced any of these negative stereotypes, or if research is already a part of your process and you want to arm yourself with a toolkit to execute it even better and clearly communicate its value, this talk is for you! Gabrielle introduces a toolkit to help you inject research into everything you do and share her tips on how to turn constraints into opportunities. She shares stories and learnings from the field and send you off with actionable steps so you can begin developing solutions for the problems that your users actually care about.

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Gabrielle Bufrem
Gabrielle Bufrem
Manager, Product Management @ Pivotal

Gabrielle Bufrem is a Manager of Product Management at Pivotal in San Francisco. She is originally from Brazil, has lived in 9 countries across the world, and has built products across North America, Europe, and Asia. During her time at Pivotal Labs, Gabrielle worked across five industries helping companies digitally transform effectively.

She is an international speaker in the product management community. When she is not building products or speaking about product management, she loves to travel, try new restaurants and coffee shops.




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