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Ethics, Software and Identity in the Age of Data

Ivana McConnell

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At its core, software is about people: how we interact, identify, and connect. Our relationship with it is personal, but the data defining that relationship is just... out there, often used against us by the technology which claims to solve our problems. Software is not neutral, because it is a reflection of the people creating it, often amplifying bias, prohibiting interaction, and violating privacy — intentionally or otherwise. Consider this talk a primer on design ethics, what happens when we fail to have them, and the need for accountability and solid guidance when it comes to what we build.

Ivana McConnell
Ivana McConnell
Senior UI/UX Designer,

A Canadian born in Sarajevo, Ivana found her way into UX design via neuroscience research, ice hockey, rock climbing instruction, and video game testing. She works remotely from Vancouver, BC as a senior UI/UX designer at, and has lived in Croatia, Toronto, and Scotland. These days, she's most interested in how ethics intersects with technology, identity, and data.




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