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Jim Newbery at Turing Fest 2018

How to Survive the Single-Page App-ocalypse

Jim Newbery

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At their best, Single Page Apps (SPAs) can rival and even exceed native mobile and desktop applications for value they provide to users. Modern browsers are incredibly capable, and open-source tools and frameworks promise to put slick web apps within reach of even the smallest teams. However, many product teams struggle to maintain and improve their single page apps. They can be slow, buggy, hard to use and resistant to change. This is bad for business. We'll explore how this happened and suggest some approaches product teams can take to shelter themselves from trouble and develop a healthy relationship with their apps.

Jim Newbery
Jim Newbery
Front-end web coach and consultant

Jim is a web product development coach and consultant from Edinburgh. He coaches front-end leaders, helps SaaS companies grow successful and sustainable web products, and mentors startups for CodeBase/Barclays Eagle Labs. Not so long ago he was Director of Front End Engineering at FanDuel, one of Edinburgh's tech startup unicorns, where he tried his best to minimise his contribution to the world tech debt mountain.




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