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James Turing

Building IT Social Enterprises in Rural Africa: A Myriad of Challenges, But Even More Opportunity

James Turing
The Turing Trust

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The Turing Trust has delivered over 4,000 PCs to African schools, supporting 25,000 students to learn vital digital skills. We’ve done this whilst saving 2,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions and training hundreds of local Scots in IT refurbishment. Our product should be relatively simple – providing computers to schools so they can teach students basic digital literacy. However, without the right strategy, delivering our product in an effective manner, both economically but also to ensure long-term growth, is extremely challenging. Developing our social enterprise has seen us make a lot of mistakes and we’ve seen some serious challenges. Yet the considerable opportunities in Africa’s fast growing economies have overwhelmingly helped push us towards success, building and environmentally friendly society and encouraging development both at home in Scotland and in Africa.

James Turing
James Turing
Founder & CEO, The Turing Trust

James Turing is the founder and CEO of the Turing Trust, the charity started by Alan Turing's family to honour the computer science pioneer's legacy by providing ICT education and resources to communities in Africa.

James graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 2015 with an MEng (Civil Engineering with Architecture) and is now doing a PhD in International Development in Edinburgh, as a Leverhulme Perfect Storm Doctoral Scholar. James has presented his work at international meetings in the US and Japan and organised a conference on solar waste, repair and recycling in Nairobi, Kenya.



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