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Kirsty Lynagh at Turing Fest 2018

Architect and Anthropologist: The two roles needed in your team to win in the workplace in the future

Kirsty Lynagh

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Kirsty will share how taking a design thinking approach to your workplace will help you win in the marketplace. Forget what you know and probably hate about old school HR and embrace product management with a people lens. The session will cover practical examples of how to find and keep the best people and enable them to become truly brilliant through remarkable leadership.

Kirsty Lynagh
Kirsty Lynagh
Chief People Officer, Nucleus

Kirsty is Chief People Officer at Nucleus, a high-growth fintech company based in Edinburgh. A people geek with an allergy to HR, Kirsty is a long-time champion of ‘humans’ rather than ‘resources’. Kirsty has 15 years experience in people development across multiple industries, and believes that taking a design thinking/employment UX approach to a people strategy creates a high-performance culture that drives delivery of product and financial goals.





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