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Mark Baldwin at Turing Fest 2018

How Turing and His Team Hacked Enigma

Dr Mark Baldwin

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Dr Mark Baldwin, an expert on the Enigma machine and the history of cryptography, gives an overview of how Alan Turing and the Bletchley Park codebreakers cracked the Enigma code.

Mark Baldwin
Dr Mark Baldwin
"Dr. Enigma"

A Cambridge University engineering graduate, Mark Baldwin worked initially in civil engineering, before obtaining a master’s degree from Imperial College, London. After 15 years lecturing at Imperial, he moved to Shropshire to develop his book-selling and publishing business, established part-time in 1978. One important speciality is WW2 intelligence and codebreaking, and he has published eight books on this subject.

For twenty years, Dr Baldwin has spoken widely in UK and abroad on various ‘Secret War’ topics (over 700 appearances to date), focussing particularly on the Enigma machine and the work of Bletchley Park. As well as giving one-man theatre shows, he has frequently spoken to meetings of the British Computer Society, the Institution of Engineering & Technology, and in universities, and was commissioned to supply a 4-rotor U-Boat Enigma machine for the film The Imitation Game. He has now been handling Enigma machines for longer than anyone in the German armed forces.




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