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Mike McQuaid at Turing Fest 2018

How to Not Fail at Using Open-Source Software in Your Organisation

Mike McQuaid

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Almost every company today uses open source software to do business (whether they know it or not). Almost every company isn’t using open source software as effectively as they could. Learn from GitHub’s Mike McQuaid about how to use open source software in your organisation without succumbing to the most common of pitfalls.

Mike McQuaid
Mike McQuaid
Senior Software Engineer, GitHub

Mike McQuaid is a senior engineer at GitHub where he works from home in Edinburgh. At GitHub he works on improving the quality of internal and external software whilst attempting to automate himself out of the job.

Outside of work, he is the lead maintainer of the Homebrew package manager for macOS, author of Git in Practice (published with Manning) and has contributed to a wide array of other open source projects including KDE and the Linux kernel.

Previously in his career he’s worked as a full stack engineer and built CI and CD at AllTrails, been an international engineering consultant and lead and trainer at KDAB, setup CI and CD as first employee and engineer at Mendeley and created high-performance network analysis tools at BT.

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