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Miloš Lalić at Turing Fest 2018

The Continuous Search for Product/Market Fit

Miloš Lalić

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When we talk about product/market fit, we typically think of the initial stage of a startup — when we test solutions starting from a technology to find a market, or from a market to design a product. And then, if we are lucky, it's done and we can focus on scaling, right? But markets change, new ones appear — and as we try to adapt, while growing our initial success, we often end up with bloated products or doing dangerous pivots. And the growth actually slows down. Here’s a few ideas how to avoid this, based on some good experiences and a couple of bad ones.

Miloš Lalić
Miloš Lalić
Head of Product, Typeform

Miloš Lalić is the former Head of Product at Typeform, making sure the bar is set high to achieve the grand vision of helping companies really know their customers by creating extraordinary tools for user interaction. After releasing a "form building tool" which triggered a reaction "this doesn’t feel like a form" from most users, the challenge was to evolve the product, scale the team and keep innovating in parallel.

Miloš took Typeform's product management from a small development team working directly with founders to a structured organisation of fast-delivering, cross-functional metric-driven teams. Before Typeform, he founded a few startups; 2 of them he has taken to an exit. He also worked as an intrapreneur, inspiring and managing innovation in traditional companies.




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