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Rand Fishkin at Turing Fest 2018

From the top of funnel to the bottom line, and all points in between...

The Grow track at Turing Fest 2019 equips you with the tools, tactics and techniques to drive real growth in your business — direct from some of the world's top digital marketers, conversion specialists and sales leaders.

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Grow @ Turing Fest 2019
Edinburgh International Conference Centre
28-29 August 2019

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More effective marketing, more sustainable growth and more satisfied customers

Over two days at Turing Fest 2019, we're taking a holistic look at the strategic outlooks and tactical approaches that fuel successful growth engines: from demand generation to conversion to retention, a stellar lineup of experts in marketing, growth and sales will share invaluable lessons from world-class tech businesses.

Marketing & Growth

From content strategy to conversion rate optimisation, and from SEO to lead gen, the smartest marketers in tech share highly actionable insights into the strategies and tactics that drive results

Sales & Revenue

A deep dive into how successful sales and revenue teams at high-growth tech businesses work in 2019 — from B2C to enterprise, and at every stage of the startup journey

Customer Success

From onboarding to retention, explore what it means to go beyond support, delight every customer and help them get the most possible value out of your product

Seeing is believing. Here's a taste of what's in store...

Turing Fest brings the world's top marketing and growth experts together in Scotland, to talk candidly about their work and share practical advice and hard-won insight with our audience. Here are just a few of the sessions we've hosted in previous years...

Content Marketing is Broken and Only Your M.O.M. Can Save You


Oli Gardner
Co-founder, Unbounce

Why Launches Fail


Rand Fishkin
Co-founder, SparkToro

The 7 Deadly Startup Sales Sins


Steli Efti
Co-founder & CEO,

How the Hell Do You Get More Leads?


Meagen Eisenberg
Chief Marketing Officer, MongoDB

How to Operationalize Growth for Maximum Revenue


Joanna Lord
Chief Marketing Officer, ClassPass

Scaling Organic Growth by Building Products


Fabrizio Ballarini
Head of Organic Growth & SEO, TransferWise

Data-Driven Growth: Lies, Lawyers & Outsized Results


Ed Hull
Head of Growth,

The New Way Google Understands the World


Cindy Krum
Founder & CEO, MobileMoxie

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Turing Fest brings an interesting group of people together... I think that's very important; we can't keep siloing and isolating these different cultures and disciplines. We need to bring them together and have discussions — how do we get engineering and product to work better together? How do we get marketing involved? How do we work together as an entire unit towards a better goal?

Iain Brown
Software engineer, Administrate

Turing Fest is like a tech conference, but better. It's not faceless. It's not anonymous. You're hearing real stories from real people. The networking isn't just there as a bolt-on — it really matters. You speak to people who are doing real things today, and that's important.

Harrison Gilmore
Product manager, Care Sourcer

I love that Turing Fest brings together a variety of disciplines under one roof – it's a great realization that all these different areas inform and interact with one another, and harmonizing them together is the way to build world-class companies! The backdrop of the Edinburgh Festival makes this event truly one of a kind.

Courtney Seiter
Director of People, Buffer

What's really great about Turing is that you have a really dense, compounding community that's getting better every year. When you come here, the conversations that you have about tactics, strategy and everything in between are really in-depth in a way that you just can't get anywhere else — plus, Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful European cities out there!

Patrick Campbell
Co-founder & CEO, ProfitWell

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