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Aiden Carroll (Session)

Aiden Carroll
Co-founder, The Coloring-in Department 

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Hack The Stack: Five Ways To Automate Like A Human


Everyone has a different perception of paid media, and even more so of it’s bigger, scarier, better sibling, programmatic marketing. We are all guilty of occasionally doing marketing 1.0 in a 3.0 world, a little bit like sticking a five year old in a Ferrari.

We need to be smarter than that, because if we are not careful we’ll be using new technology in old ways. I hate the word integration, and just because the whole team is using the stack, doesn’t mean they are working together. Brand messaging is one size, repetitive and stuck at the top of the funnel. Performance messaging is locked into an eternal spiral of “buy now” and “join us” garbage. Basically everybody is not at their best. This talk explores how the factors of programmable advertising (automation, data, integration & scale) come together, and hopefully don’t blow your brand and budget to pieces. Maybe, you’ll even start to move past simple planning, linear leveraging of the buying technology and start serving the right messages, in the right way, to the right people. 


Aiden Carroll (The Coloring In Department)
Aiden Carroll
Co-founder, The Coloring in Department

A nice guy, who talks too much, has a borderline marketing addiction, and lives in airports. He’s worked with loads of brands, mainly globally, in shaping and delivering their digital and advertising strategies – not to neglect making sure those strategies stick, with a ton of up skilling. To date, he’s been involved in campaigns producing 20+ awards, from the Cannes Lions to the Webbys — he currently judges both. He’s also also taught 65,000 people, across 80 countries.

He loves events and broadcast media. Likely to be online somewhere in the world at all times, doing something of that sort. Would really like to be a talk show host, ideally, if this whole internet thing doesn’t work out. Fair to say he’s also been involved in some seriously catastrophic failures along the way, you know what they say about omelettes.

He’s currently spending a great deal of time nurturing the marketing needs of a variety of brands, as co-founder of The Coloring In Department, a Xoogler of the education variety, as part of a crack team of General Assembly tech folk, and as a presenting & training gun for hire. He definitely doesn’t work for an agency, but can be found in their company often enough. He will absolutely never wear a suit.

Most importantly, he loves what he does, and anyone who tells you different is a damn liar, and definitely can’t be trusted.



"The only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on..."