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Chris McCann

Chris McCann
CEO, Current Health 

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Lessons Learned & Mistakes Made: GTM in the US from Europe

At Current Health, we're seeking to help move from a world where we call 999 when we get sick, to a world where healthcare comes to you automatically before you experience symptoms. To do so, we combine complex hardware, software, and core science into a product that is responsible for keeping people alive, safe and healthy in hospital and at home. We've built it here in the UK and we deploy it into an exceedingly difficult US healthcare operating environment.

My goal is to provide an open and honest view of the mistakes we're making and the lessons we're learning building our customer base in the US, from a headquarters in Europe.

Most stories are only told at the end, at the point of success or failure. This won't be a post-mortem but instead, a view right into the maelstrom of what's actually happening today amid the chaos and opportunity we have ahead as we grow into the US.

Christopher McCann (Current Health)
Chris McCann
CEO, Current Health

Christopher McCann is CEO & co-founder of Current Health, based across San Francisco, London and Edinburgh. A computer science graduate, Christopher then went to medical school where he started Current Health. He subsequently left medical school to build the company full-time. 

Christopher is passionate about bringing together technology, patients, healthcare professionals and new models of delivering healthcare globally. 



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