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Christian Owens

Christian Owens 
CEO, Paddle 

Turing Fest returns on 4-6 Aug 2020 — Early Birds out now!

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7 Years of Scale: What We Focused On

A company needs to be able to regularly shift its focus in order to grow and provide the most value to its customers.

Noticing the hassle that billing, taxes and compliance were causing software sellers was the catalyst that started Paddle 7 years go. Because of this, we initially honed in closely on our customers’ needs and pains and believe this to be the most important place to start when setting up a business.

Christian will talk you through the important phases of focus in a growing business, from product market fit to focusing on scalable customer segments to nurturing the right company culture. He’ll then delve into what comes after these growing pains, asking the question, “what does a mature business need to iterate on?"

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Christian Owens
CEO, Paddle

Prior to Paddle, Christian created his first software business from his bedroom at the age of 14. Having grown the business to over $1m in revenue he decided to quit school at 16 to focus on building startups, and founded Paddle when he turned 18.

In 2016, Christian was named one of Forbes’ “30 under 30” and as a Thiel Fellow by the Thiel Foundation, which supports those who learn by doing rather than by following conventional paths like college. He’s also a regular speaker on podcasts and conferences such as SaaStock, The Europas and MoneyX.



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