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Claire Suellentrop
Co-founder, Elevate

Turing Fest returns on 4-6 Aug 2020 — Early Birds out now!

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Misunderstanding Your Customers: the Most Expensive Mistake Your Company is Making

Your team's working hard as they can across the board: marketing, sales, product and customer success. But if you're seeing inconsistent — or even flat-lining — revenue growth, chances are high that beneath everyone's hard work, there's a mismatch between your team's focus, and what customers actually need.

During this talk, you'll learn why companies unknowingly fall out of alignment with their customers — and how it can happen to your team, if it hasn't already. You'll walk away with a practical exercise you can run back at the office, to centralize your departments around customers' needs and get everyone working toward the same goals. The result? More new signups, a stickier product — and ultimately, a healthier MoM growth rate.

Claire Suellentrop
Claire Suellentrop
Co-founder, Elevate

Claire is the co-founder of Elevate, a boutique consultancy that provides marketing & growth guidance for fast-growing SaaS companies. She loves helping teams develop greater empathy for their customers, and find marketing messages that create stronger connections (aka: higher conversions). Claire has helped B2B & B2C SaaS companies like Wistia, FullStory, Edgar, Death to the Stock Photo, and Calendly get out of the "echo chamber," and inside their best customers' heads. She's also spoken internationally about the impact of customer research, and her methods have generated record-breaking email open rates, click-through rates, and new user signups for her clients.



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