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Danae Shell (2019)

Danae Shell
Co-founder & CEO, Valla 

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Stop Recruiting for Rockstars: The Skills You Really Want to Hire For, and Why

In the race for talent and growth, it can feel urgent to find “rockstar” employees that will 10x your business. But are we all falling prey to 100-year old assumptions when we set out to recruit? Some of the most essential skills needed in modern companies are overlooked, undervalued, and not listed on the job ads we all see. This talk will explain how you can change your hiring approach to target those overlooked skills, gaining a competitive edge in the hiring market that will help you hire faster, retain more team members and get stuff done

Danae Shell (Care Sourcer)-1
Danae Shell
Co-founder & CEO, Valla

Danae is the Co-founder and CEO of Valla. A native Tennessean, she is a programmer-turned-marketer who has been part of the Scottish tech scene for 15 years, working at successful scale-ups Barrie & Hibbert and FreeAgent before their successful exits.  After previously building teams to manage content, data science, PR, events and social media, Danae joined Care Sourcer to lead their marketing team before founding Valla. 



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