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Eamon Leonard (2019)

Eamon Leonard 
Software developer & serial entrepreneur

Turing Fest returns on 4-6 Aug 2020 — Early Birds out now!

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Skateboarding and Software: Putting Ideas Into Action

As product builders, what can we learn from a product that reached a state of near-perfection 20 years ago?⁠ In this talk we'll explore the evolution of the skateboard as a product, and how, despite many attempts at innovation, it's still just a plank of plywood, two trucks and four wheels. Nonetheless, both the skateboard and the sport it enables continue to thrive

Eamon Leonard
Eamon Leonard
Software Developer & Serial Entrepreneur

Eamon is a veteran of 20 years developing and building products, leading teams, and creating communities. ⁠ Over the years he has:

  • built and sold a company 🥳
  • built and failed to sell a company 😭
  • made angel investments 💸
  • hosted numerous conferences 🎡
  • organised hundreds of meetups 🍺
  • and brought thousands of people together to collaborate, and do good things ✌️



"The only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on..."