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Fred Destin (2019)

Fred Destin
Founder, Stride.VC

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Why Startups Win: How to Leverage Chaos for Superior Performance

Startups are fragile organisms, perennially underfunded compared to the their giant incumbent competitors, dependent on a few talented and dedicated individuals and generally a mess. Yet they consistently outperform and sometimes end up reshaping entire industries.

In this intense and hopefully jargon free session we will look at lessons learned in the trenches at startups like Zoopla, Pillpack, Deliveroo and others and explore how they built the foundations to survive and thrive in a world chaos.

Fred Destin
Fred Destin
Founder, Stride.VC

Fred is the founder of Stride.VC, a seed-stage fund based in London, which he started with Harry Stebbings (the Twenty Minute VC) and Pia d'Iribarne. Prior to Stride, Fred was a General Partner at Accel and Accomplice. Of 17 investments he led, 10 have exited and 4 are active value drivers, including 3 companies in excess of $1bn in value (Zoopla, Deliveroo and Pillpack). His portfolio has a total enterprise value of more than $9bn and he has returned over $500m to investors.

At Accel, Fred was the lead investor and board member at Deliveroo, Pillpack (acquired by Amazon for $1bn) and Carwow. At Accomplice (previously Atlas Venture), he invested in and served on the board of Pillpack, Zoopla (IPO), Secret Escapes, Integral Ad Science (acquired by Vista for $850m), TheCurrencyCloud, Kinvey (acquired by Progress), Lagoa (acquired by Autodesk) Dailymotion (acquired by Orange), PriceMinister (acquired by Rakuten) and others.

Fred grew up in Belgium and graduated from the Solvay Business School, University of Brussels.



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