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Hana Abaza Shopify

Hana Abaza 
Director of Marketing, Shopify Plus 

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Unicorns, Ice Cream and Puking Rainbows: Driving Growth from Startup to Scale

Identifying (and prioritizing) opportunities for growth in a startup can be hard. Competing priorities, warp-speed changes, and fast-growing teams could spell a recipe for disaster - unless you know how to use the chaos to your advantage. In this session, Hana will talk about lessons learned driving growth at scale, zooming in on a cross-section of key areas in B2B SaaS including:

  • How to build a positioning and messaging framework
  • Operationalizing it across your teams
  • Avoiding lead source bias and optimizing for a sales team
Hana Abaza (Shopify)
Hana Abaza
Director of Marketing, Shopify Plus

Hana Abaza is the Director of Marketing for Shopify Plus, the commerce platform that powers the world’s fastest-growing brands to Fortune 500s including Unilever, MVMT, The New York Times, Allbirds, Fashion Nova, Rebecca Minkoff, Kylie Cosmetics and thousands more. Prior to joining Shopify, Hana led marketing and growth in a variety of industries with a proven track record for scaling teams, revenue and customers. Beyond her daily routine, Hana is also a seasoned speaker and contributes to various industry podcasts and publications like, Fast Company and others.



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