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Janelle Estes (2019)

Janelle Estes
Chief Insights Officer, UserTesting

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Integrating Customer Empathy into the Product Creation Process

Design Thinking, Lean UX, Agile — the frameworks vary, but the key to success across all is to integrate customer empathy into the process and decision-making. In this session, we will highlight the critical areas during the design and development process when you need to reach out to customers, understand needs, test hypotheses, and refine your approach. We'll provide examples as well as practical tips for building customer empathy without delaying your process.

Janelle Estes (UserTesting)
Janelle Estes
Chief Insights Officer, UserTesting

Janelle is UserTesting's Chief Insights Officer and an expert research practitioner fascinated by human behavior and intrigued by data insight. She brings over 15 years of experience conducting large-scale customer research initiatives with both B2C and B2B companies across a variety of industries to help them transform their customer, user, and brand experiences.



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