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Joe Chernov (2019)

Joe Chernov
VP Marketing, Pendo 

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Product-led Startups: How to Use Your Product to Unify Marketing, R&D and Success

Tech companies talk a lot about alignment. But in most cases, alignment means measuring complementary outputs, like marketing's lead goals being derived from sales' bookings targets. But dominant companies unify around something entirely different -- the product experience. When companies shift their thinking from outputs to outcomes, from being project led to being product led, the result is alignment around the product as cornerstone for growth, retention, expansion, and long term success.

This session will explore what it takes to become a product-led organization, and what impact that transformation can have on your business.

Joe Chernov (Pendo)
Joe Chernov
VP Marketing, Pendo

Joe Chernov is VP Marketing at product cloud Pendo. Previously, he was CMO of Robin Powered, a venture-backed Boston startup that’s modernizing the open office, and CMO of InsightSquared, a sales intelligence company. He’s been a marketing leader during two successful IPOs (Eloqua, HubSpot.) The Content Marketing Institute awarded him “Content Marketer of the Year” and AdWeek named him one of the 100 most creative people in advertising. Joe serves on the board of advisors for several tech startups and is part of Flybridge Capital's advisor network.



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