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Kate Leto (2019)

Kate Leto 
Product Management & Transformation Consultant 

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Product EQ: The Secret Sauce to Hiring (& Keeping) Great Product People

What makes one product succeed where another fails? Could be the design or how analytics are captured and dissected. Could be the technology or features. I say it’s the people behind all of these things. The way they think, communicate and relate. How they make decisions and show-up.Products are built for people by people. Yet when we hire new product people at any we often focus on the industries they’ve worked in, their mastery of certain technologies, or even their years of experience. This talk explores: the radical shift we need to make in what we focus on when growing our product teams and organisations- looking beyond mastery of traditional tools and techniques to emotional intelligence and attributes like adaptability, resilience, collaboration, leadership and the ability to learn. How to make this change, including techniques to add to your hiring tool box. Once you’ve onboarded, how to ensure your organisation is set up to retain high performing product people

Kate Leto
Kate Leto
Product Management Consultant

Kate has more than 20 years of product management, leadership and marketing experience with the likes of Yahoo! (Sunnyvale and London) and MOO.COM (London). Since 2011 she’s been a strategic product consultant, leading organisational design and transformation initiatives across finance, government, travel, e-commerce, and public works sectors. Her consulting services also include executive and innovation coaching designed to help individuals, teams and organisations achieve their evolving aspirations. Kate is an international speaker and facilitator in the product, innovation and transformation spaces.



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