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Katherine Barrios
CMO, Xeneta

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Demand Generation Doesn’t Die at Customer Acquisition

Acquisition of new customers is what we all live for. Blogs, ebooks, webinars, podcasts, videos etc. and marketing automation all make part of a beautiful acquisition process to feed the revenue monster. However, all too often the golden nuggets lie in customers already acquired who are many times left to fend for themselves. Demand generation tactics activities must be applied past the acquisition funnel. The interaction between Customer Success and Customer Marketing teams is paramount where working in tandem will secure faster revenue and customers for life.
Katherine Barrios (Xeneta)
Katherine Barrios
CMO, Xeneta

Katherine is Chief Marketing Officer at Xeneta, leading the company's marketing and customer success teams. She comes to Xeneta with close to 20 years of B2B  international product marketing, demand generation, enterprise sales, tech PR/communication and product management experience from various software industries.

Previously, Katherine was at The Qt Company (Digia, Nokia, Trolltech) as the Director of Global Marketing for the Qt cross-platform software development framework, where she led the global demand generation, communication, product and developer marketing strategy.

Prior to that, she worked at Unit 4 Agresso as Marketing Communications Manager with focus on product marketing and communication, and at Opera Software as PR Manager based out of Oslo, Norway. She also held positions earlier in her career in account teams at Weber Schandwick Worldwide PR (Tech Group) and Howard R. Miller Communications, both in Miami, Florida.

Katherine holds a Bachelors of Science in Communication from the University of Miami (Coral Gables, FL), graduate studies in Media and Journalism from the University of Oslo and Project Management Executive Studies (M.Sc) from Boston University. Barrios is a native of New Jersey, U.S.



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