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Kevin Goldsmith (2019)

Kevin Goldsmith
CTO, Onfido

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Do I Know You? Identity on the Internet and the Question of Trust

We continue to build products allowing our customers to do more things online. While bringing convenience, it also raises the stakes of fraud, for our customers and our companies. The democratization of technology means that those intending to commit fraud can take advantage of some amazingly sophisticated tools. Consumers and governments have little trust in technology due to the questionable ethics of some of the biggest players in the industry.

Identity online continues to evolve; governments, businesses, the open source community, and grassroots organizations are all evolving how we validate, protect, and secure our identity. Whether your software is targeted towards businesses or consumers, if you are in a regulated vertical or a non-regulated one, or if you have customers in multiple countries or just one, how you ethically manage customer identity will be crucial to your product’s success (or existence).

Kevin Goldsmith
Kevin Goldsmith
CTO, Onfido

Kevin Goldsmith has been a developer, software architect, technology manager, and senior technology executive for over 27 years. He is currently the Chief Technology Officer at Onfido in London, a machine learning and computer vision company helping users own their identities on the internet. Previously, he was the Vice-President of Engineering at AstrumU, a startup whose purpose is to help students find meaningful careers.

Kevin was the Chief Technology Officer at legal marketplace Avvo from 2016 through their acquisition in 2018, overseeing all Product Development, Data, Dev Ops and IT teams. For three years, he was the Vice President of Engineering, Consumer at Spotify in Stockholm, Sweden, leading the development of the multi-platform product and streaming services for three years. Kevin spent nine years at Adobe Systems as a Director of Engineering, leading the Adobe Revel product group and the Adobe Image Foundation group. He spent eight years as a developer and development lead at Microsoft in the Windows and Research teams.



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