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Sophie & Lizzie (Split)

Lizzie Eardley (Senior Data Scientist) & Sophie Harpur (Product Manager)

Online Experimentation: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Experimentation has the power to provide you with insights about your users, to let you rollout software safely, and to ensure that the features you are building are delivering value. But with this power comes great responsibility — it’s dangerously easy to be misled by the data. Are you making the right decisions based on your experiment results? Are you falling into the common traps of interpreting statistics?

Join an optimistic product manager, Sophie, and a pedantic data scientist, Lizzie, as this experimentation duo discuss and explain experimentation from all perspectives.


Lizzie Eardley
Lizzie Eardley

Senior Data Scientist

Sophie Harpur (Split)
Sophie Harpur

Product Manager

Lizzie Eardley is an ex-astrophysicist turned data scientist with a passion for deriving insights from data and a mission to make statistics less scary. She is currently working on the statistical engine that drives the A/B testing functionality at Split, a product decisions platform to enable the rapid and safe delivery of software

Sophie is passionate about making the complex world of experimentation accessible to everyone with core engineering, growth, design and product principles in mind. As Product Manager at Split, her goal is to help companies across a wide range of industries experiment and rollout software in the safest and most effective way.