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Meri Williams (2019)

Meri Williams
CTO, Monzo

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Beat Your Competition With This One Weird Trick: Inclusion

We already know that diverse teams are more creative and deliver better results. We've seen this play out in repeated studies and in bottom line financial results of companies across many industries. Sadly many organisations lag behind in adequately representing the population, but those that are making strides are also outperforming the competition.

So we know WHY but what about the HOW? In this talk, we’ll explore a framework for how to think about diversity and inclusion, and practical things you can go and do to make your organisation and culture genuinely inclusive. Because that’s the only way to attract, recruit, promote and most importantly retain a wide range of people. And THAT is the only way to have the highest-performing teams possible.


Meri Williams
Meri Williams
Chief Technology Officer, Monzo

Meri is CTO at Monzo, a bank that lives in your phone. Their mission is to make money work for everyone: making you effortlessly financially savvy with smart features, unexpectedly friendly service and a relentless focus on what people genuinely want and need.

The engineering team at Monzo has grown from 50 to 130+ in under 6 months, building new features and running a robust and resilient platform for over 1.5 million people. They recently built in-app crowdfunding capability used to raise £20m from 36,006 investors in just over 2 days —£18m of which happened in just 2 hours and 45 mins!

Meri’s career has spanned development, agile and product management, mostly in engineering leadership roles. She’s led teams ranging from 30 to 300 at places like Procter & Gamble, the Government Digital Service and a range of startups.

She’s a published author, international speaker, Chair of @TheLeadDev conference, and Tech Advisor for Kindred VC. She also holds board trustee roles at Stonewall (the UK’s leading LGBT+ rights charity) and One Goes Up (a micro-charity focused on helping young women in South Africa start STEM careers), as well as sponsoring Women & Enby in Technology scholarships at the University of Bath.

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