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Patrick Kua N26

Patrick Kua
Chief Scientist, N26

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Cultivating High-Performing Teams in Hypergrowth

We already know that diverse teams are more creative and deliver better results. We've seen this play out in repeated studies and in bottom line financial results of companies across many industries. Sadly many organisations lag behind in adequately representing the population, but those that are making strides are also outperforming the competition.

So we know WHY but what about the HOW? In this talk, we’ll explore a framework for how to think about diversity and inclusion, and practical things you can go and do to make your organisation and culture genuinely inclusive. Because that’s the only way to attract, recruit, promote and most importantly retain a wide range of people. And THAT is the only way to have the highest-performing teams possible.



Patrick Kua
Patrick Kua
Chief Scientist, N26

Patrick Kua is the Chief Scientist and former CTO of the Berlin-based modern bank N26, who are on a mission to build the bank the world loves to use. With almost 20 years of experience in technology, he spent a majority of his time as a Principal Technical Consultant at ThoughtWorks helping organisations evolve their software and organisational structures to better evolve software.

He is the author of three books: The Retrospective HandbookTalking with Tech Leads and, most recently, Building Evolutionary Architectures. Patrick is a frequent conference speaker, blogger and is passionate about bringing a balanced focus between people, organisations and technology.



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