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Tiffany DaSilva

Tiffany DaSilva
Founder, FlowJO

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Unmasking Imposter Syndrome: 6 Lessons From a Marketing Fraud

We've all been there. You finally step foot into the job you've wanted forever only to feel like you aren't good enough for the role, or worse, a complete fraud. You're not alone, an estimated 70% of people from all walks of life, both men and women experience imposter syndrome at some point in their careers. In this talk, Tiffany shares her own experiences along with the framework and tools she uses every day to eliminate it. You'll walk away knowing how to:

  • Get off autopilot
  • Identify the negative self talk in your head and how to handle it
  • Identify your villains & find your Shine Crew
  • Discover your Legacy, what you were meant to do in life, and learn how to visualize it
Tiffany DaSilva
Tiffany DaSilva
Founder, FlowJo

Tiffany DaSilva is a growth marketing coach and consultant, who has worked with companies like Shopify (where she was Head of CRO) and Achievers. Her consultancy has helped over 50 different small businesses and startups across a variety of industries to grow, and grow fast.

In 2017, she founded Flowjo with the goal of creating useful marketing tools that will help inspire, educate and entertain you. Flowjo's first product, The Growth Hacking Box, has already sold over 500 boxes and is in the hands of execs at companies like Staples and IKEA. It’s also being used to help startup founders at prestigious incubator programs all over the world.



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