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Turing Fest 2019

Turing Fest 2019

Relive all the action from Turing Fest 2019, with full video and slides from each and every session...

Meri Williams (2019)

Beat Your Competition With This One Weird Trick: Inclusion

Meri Williams 
CTO, Monzo 

Chris Messina (2019)

The Technology of Better Humans 

Chris Messina
Inventor of The Hashtag

Jane Austin (2019)

Setting up Product Design For Success

Jane Austin 
Director Product Design, Babylon Health 

Hana Abaza

Unicorns, Ice Cream and Puking Rainbows: Driving Growth from Startup to Scale

Hana Abaza
Director of Marketing, Shopify Plus 

Nandini Jammi

Sleeping Giants & The Era of Brand Safety

Nandini Jammi 
Co-founder, Sleeping Giants
Jeff Gothelf (2019)

Sense & Respond: Continuously learning our way to better outcomes

Jeff Gothelf 
UX Veteran

Kevin Goldsmith (2019)

Do I Know You? Identity on the Internet and the Question of Trust

Kevin Goldsmith 
CTO, OnFido

Kate Leto (2019)

Product EQ: The Secret Sauce to Hiring (& Keeping) Great Product People

Kate Leto 
Product Management Consultant

Patrick Kua (2019)

Cultivating High-Performing Teams in Hypergrowth

Patrick Kua 
Chief Scientist, N26

Craig Sullivan

Death by Design: Killing your Growth with Defective Device Experiences

Craig Sullivan 
Optimiser of Things 

Eamon Leonard (2019)

Skateboarding and Software: Putting Ideas Into Action

Eamon Leonard
Software Developer & Serial Entrepreneur 

Gabrielle Bufrem (2019)

Taming Your Monster: The Art of Saying “No” While Building Products

Gabrielle Bufrem
Manager, Product Management, Pivotal Labs 

Brian Scanlan (2019)

Volunteers, not conscripts: fixing out-of-hours on-call

Brian Scanlan
Principal Systems Engineer, Intercom

Fred Destin (2019)

Why Startups Win: How to Leverage Chaos for Superior Performance

Fred Destin 
Founder, Stride.VC

David Farquhar (2019)

Agritech and the Disruption of Farming: Feeding the World Sustainably

David Farquhar

Danae Shell (2019)

Stop Recruiting for Rockstars: The Skills You Really Want to Hire For, and Why

Danae Shell
Co-founder & CEO, Valla

Emily Anhalt (2019)

Weaving Mental Health into the DNA of Your Company

Dr Emily Anhalt 
Chief Clinical Officer, Beam

Jonny Brooks Bartlett

You Got Served: How Deliveroo Improved the Ranking of Restaurants

Jonny Brooks-Bartlett
Data Scientist, Deliveroo

David Irvine (2019)

Don’t Secure The Hardware, Secure the Data: Tackling Hard But Vital Problems

David Irvine
CEO, MaidSafe

Olly Headey (2019)

How To Eat A Burrito (And Other Lessons Learned Scaling Engineering Teams)

Olly Headey
Cofounder & CTO, FreeAgent

Matt L Healy

Emergent Architecture for Mobile Applications

Matthew Liam Healy 
Software Engineer, SoundCloud

Maria Guttierez

Healthy & Effective Leadership Teams 

Maria Guttierez
Director of Engineering, Intercom

Joe Chernov

Product-led Startups: How to Use Your Product to Unify Marketing, R&D and Success

Joe Chernov
VP Marketing, Pendo

Magnus Nilsson

Fireside Chat

Magnus Nilsson
Founder & Executive Chairman, iZettle

Tricia Miller (2019)

The Insider's Guide to Getting More Leads this Quarter

Tricia Miller 
Senior Director Marketing, EMEA, Twilio 

Oli Gardner (2019)

The Marketing IQ Manifesto 

Oli Gardner 
Co-founder, Unbounce 

Kirsty Hulse (2019)

Avoiding Feedback Failure: Brain-Based Techniques For Getting the Best From Your Team

Kirsty Hulse 
Founder of Manyminds & Roar Training 

Janelle Estes (2019)

Integrating Customer Empathy into the Product Creation Process

Janelle Estes 
Chief Insights Officer, UserTesting

Arianne Donoghue (2019)

Why The Way We Track Campaigns Is About To Change Forever

Arianne Donoghue 
Associate Director, Digital Strategy, Edit 

Kieran Flanagan (2019)

Three Growth Choices that Can Scale Or Kill Your Business

Kieran Flanagan
VP Growth, HubSpot

Randy Silver

Here Be Dragons: Product, Discovery, and How Not to Mess It Up

Randy Silver 
Director of Insight, Motivate Design 

Sophie & Lizzie (Split)

Online Experimentation: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility 

Lizzie Eardley & Sophie Harpur 

28.08.19 - TURING FEST 2019 DAY 1 - HQ-395

What Happens When Everyone's Website is Fixed?

Jono Alderson 
Special Projects, Yoast 

Tiffany DaSilva

Unmasking Imposter Syndrome: 6 Lessons From a Marketing Fraud

Tiffany DaSilva 
Founder, FlowJo

Paddy Moogan (2019)

How to Build a Team Culture That People Leave — And Then Come Back To

Paddy Moogan
Co-founder, Aira

Neil Atkinson (2019)

Building A Global Local Community

Neil Atkinson
Presenter, The Anfield Wrap
Chris McCann

Lessons Learned & Mistakes Made: GTM in the US from Europe

Chris McCann
CEO, Current Health

Katherine Barrios

Demand Generation Doesn’t Die at Customer Acquisition

Katherine Barrios
CMO, Xeneta

Christian Owens

7 Years of Scale: What We Focused On

Christian Owens 
CEO, Paddle

CSR Panel

Panel: Corporate Social Responsibility 

Hosted by Brewgooder 

Startup ecosystem

Panel: Startup Ecosystems 

Hosted by Natalie Novick, 

Aiden Carroll (Session)

Hack The Stack: Five Ways To Automate Like A Human

Aiden Carroll 
The Coloring-in Department

Claire Suellentrop (session)

Misunderstanding Your Customers: the Most Expensive Mistake Your Company is Making

Claire Suellentrop
Co-founder, Elevate 

Phil Nottingham (2019)

Big Budget Video Marketing on a Small Business Budget

Phil Nottingham
Brand Marketing Strategist, Wistia

Melissa Pickering (LEGO)

LEGO Design Principles as a Foundation for Future Interactive Play

Melissa Pickering
Senior Design Manager, LEGO

Karen Muldoon (2019)

How to attract, retain and structure your sales teams from start to scale

Karen Muldoon 
UK Sales Leader, Zendesk

Britney Muller (2019)

Machine Learning for Marketers 

Britney Muller
Senior SEO Scientist, Moz

29.08.19 - TURING FEST 2019 DAY 2 - HQ-250

7 Years of Scale: What We Focused On

Christian Owens 
CEO, Paddle