Turing Fest 2019 / Edinburgh, Scotland / 27-29 August 2019

Creating Killer Content Campaigns, And Getting Away With It

Workshop with Aiden Carroll

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Aiden Carroll (The Coloring In Department)

Aiden Carroll

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Here's what's included:

    • Half-day workshop (c. 3-4 hours)
    • Optional:  bundle a discounted Turing Fest pass


Most of the time, in marketing, we talk about content marketing and marketing campaigns as two separate and distinct things. Definitely, they are different, but they aren’t quite as unconnected as to justify the way that we treat them. It’s easy to think of our marketing efforts as a story of boom and bust, one big annual campaign after another — or no campaign at all, budget depending.

In truth, it’s more of an ongoing narrative, with the occasional campaign based thunderclap to remind everyone that you are alive. In this workshop we focus on the scalable process that is content throughout your relationship with your customer, not to neglect a dash of kick ass campaign fanfare thrown in for good measure.

Ultimately, a great approach to content will put your brand on the front foot, prop up your website, reinvigorate your business, electrify your audience, and put some hard earned green in the bank. As you might imagine, this workshop isn’t channel specific, but aims to address mono-channel thinking by putting that old - “but it’s what we’ve always done” approach straight in the bin.

Things You’ll Learn

  • You’ll learn a solid approach to the customer journey that you can hang your content on
  • You’ll appreciate how content and campaigns work from a scaled, global KPI perspective
  • You’ll get to grips with messaging across complex campaigns
  • You’ll wrap your head around some dynamic and cutting edge formats
  • You’ll measure effectively, or you’ll die trying