Turing Fest 2019 / Edinburgh, Scotland / 27-29 August 2019
Jeff Gothelf at Turing Fest 2017

Lean, Agile & Design Thinking: Principles over process

A half-day masterclass on continuous product innovation with Jeff Gothelf, author of Sense & Respond

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Jeff Gothelf

Jeff Gothelf

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What's included:

    • Half-day masterclass (c. 3-4 hours)
    • Optional:  bundle a discounted Turing Fest pass

What is this masterclass about?

We're all in the software business now.

There’s no escaping it: Software has changed the way companies interact with their customers, employees, and other stakeholders. Entire industries that once existed outside of the “tech movement” now understand that the only way to compete — and scale — is through software-driven technology. The new reality: you embrace software or get left behind.

Today, your software is no longer just in the hands of the “IT folks.” Your whole organization has to get involved, and it feels like sheer size of your org seems to be getting in the way of getting things done. On top of that, as you’ve been adapting to this transformation, you’ve been noticing your competitors — and even little startups — seem to be moving much faster and beating you to market. You have to start getting out in front. But how?

Don't just move the needle, move the goal

Software development can’t simply be forced into traditional operational structures or measured by the same old success metrics. In software, customers rule the day. Their real-time interactions — or lack thereof — now drive our direction and determine our success.

Therefore, we must continuously learn from our customers so that we consistently meet their ever-increasing expectations and demands. We need to “Sense & Respond” to customer behaviors while anticipating needs. It’s time to move beyond simply delivering “products” — also known as outputs —  to focus on driving customer success, aka “outcomes.”

And the big question: how do we manage to that?

Software doesn’t only change our organizational goals and our thinking, but also changes the way we structure, manage, and incentivize teams. How do we structure schedules and get multiple teams working together fluidly when the goal is continuous delivery? How do we keep our people motivated and incentivized when the finish line isn’t the end?

This unique opportunity will sell out well in advance, so reserve your spot soon!

What will you learn?

This masterclass is a unique opportunity to receive an immense amount of value in a compact but thorough experience. Through a variety of tactics including presentation, discussion, case studies and videos, you’ll walk away with a strong knowledge of a variety of aspects of customer-centric digital transformation including:

  • How technology should fit into your organization
  • How to build Sense & Respond practices into everyday work
  • How to staff, align and incentivize teams to make customers successful
  • How to use OKR’s to build a customer-centric organization
  • How to leverage Lean Startup, Agile, and Design Thinking to build a culture of continuous learning
  • What DevOps is and why you can’t win without it
  • How Digital Transformation succeeds with humble leadership and empowered teams
  • How to run, optimize and incentivize innovation efforts
  • Why product management, alongside great design and software engineering, is the discipline you must have on your staff
  • How these efforts operate at any scale: project, program and portfolio

Who is this masterclass for?

This half-day masterclass is ideal for anyone who is involved in product management, innovation, digital transformation or software development at any level, in any type of organization:

  • Product leaders
  • CEOs
  • Innovation leaders
  • General Managers
  • VPs and Directors of Product
  • VPs and Directors of UX
  • CTOs and VPs of Engineering
  • UX designers
  • Product managers
  • Software engineers
  • Content strategists
  • Agile coaches
  • Digital transformation leaders