8 weeks of learning with the best in tech!

Online, 20 Oct to 10 Dec

Tuesdays 2-5pm, Thursdays 3-5pm

Week 1

Tuesday 20 & Thursday 22 October

Thriving in chaos

How do you keep shipping in the face of global chaos? How do you sell when no-one’s buying? And how do you steer a company and keep your team happy, safe and productive through a black swan event like COVID-19, and the economic fallout that will follow it?

We’ll kick things off with a series of sessions exploring how to adapt to unpredictable circumstances.

Keynote speakers:

  • Stewart Whiting (CTO, Current Health)
  • Aaron Ross (CEO, Predictable Revenue)
  • Mark MacLeod (Former CFO, Shopify and Freshbooks)


  • Eamonn Carey (Managing Director, Techstars London)

Week 2

The Stack

Tuesday 27 & Thursday 29 October

The choices you make about the tools your team uses can have lasting consequences — both positive and negative — for how you work.

Let’s talk about the platforms, technologies and processes that help growing startups work more cohesively, ship products more efficiently, drive tangible growth and help us scale.

Keynote speakers:

  • Ben Orenstein (Co-founder & CEO, Tuple)
  • Rand Fishkin (Co-founder & CEO, SparkToro)
  • Emily Tate (Chief of Staff, Mind The Product)


  • Emily Anhalt (Founder and Chief Clinical Officer, Coa)

Week 3

Tuesday 3 & Thursday 5 November

People & Teams

Your team is your business’ most valuable asset. Attracting, hiring, training and retaining the right people is never easy. How you structure and empower your teams can have an outsized impact on whether your business thrives or fails.

We’ll be exploring the challenges facing tech companies around talent, org design, collaboration and internal communication.

Keynote speakers:

  • Itamar Gilad (product management coach)
  • Andi Jarvis (Founder & Strategy Director, Eximo Marketing)
  • Roan Lavery (Co-founder & Chief Product Officer, FreeAgent)


  • Professor Devi Sridhar (Chair of Global Public Health, University of Edinburgh)

Week 4

Tuesday 10 & Thursday 12 November

Customers & Markets

Business love to talk about ‘customer-centricity’ — but truly understanding and optimising for your customer is a challenging and ongoing process.

From the boardroom to the codebase, we’ll be talking about how to build and scale the products your customers actually need.

Keynote speakers:

  • Paul Adams (SVP of Product, Intercom)
  • Val Geisler (Founder & Chief Email Optimizer, Fix My Churn)
  • Check Warner (Partner, Ada Ventures)


  • Rand Fishkin (Founder & CEO, SparkToro)


Week 5

Tuesday 17 & Thursday 19 November


Yeah, we know — “culture eats strategy for breakfast.” But without a clearly-articulated vision and strategy, your product is going nowhere and your business will stagnate.

We’ll hear how some of the best engineering leaders and growth strategists come up with The Plan — and how they adapt when The Plan meets the reality of the market.

Keynote speakers:

  • John Cutler (Head of Product Research & Education, Amplitude)
  • Chris Savage (Founder & CEO, Wistia)
  • Mark Logan (Former COO, Skyscanner)


  • Erin Platts (Head of EMEA & President of the UK Branch, Silicon Valley Bank)

Week 6

Tuesday 24 & Thursday 26 November


‘Growth’ means something different to each of your teams — whether you’re trying to scale technical infrastructure, boost the bottom line or expand and mature your organisation. But how and how fast you grow can be the difference between making a dent in the universe or… not.

Keynote speakers:

  • Amy Zima (Principal Product Manager, Spotify)
  • Yara Paoli (Co-founder & Chief Growth Scientist, Growth OS)
  • April Dunford (Founder, Ambient Strategy)


  • Andrey Vinitsky (Co-founder & CEO, Graphy)

Week 7

Tuesday 1 & Thursday 3 December

Culture & Ethics

Technology businesses in 2020 face more ethical questions than ever before. From biased algorithms to brand safety, and from customers’ privacy concerns to how to build more diverse and inclusive teams, we’ll take a hard look at the cultural complexities facing technologists and entrepreneurs today.

Keynotes speakers:

  • Eli Montgomery (Head of UX, Cazoo)
  • Nick Francis (Founder & CEO, Help Scout)
  • Katie Martell (marketing consultant and author, Trust Me B2B)


  • Nandini Jammi (co-founder, Check My Ads)

Week 8

Tuesday 8 & Thursday 10 December

What's next?

2020 has been a difficult year — and 2021 looks set to bring its own challenges. But there are opportunities as well as obstacles ahead — so to help you prepare, we’ll take a look forward at what’s on the horizon: technological innovations, changing patterns of work and shifting customer needs, economic and social upheaval, and more.

Keynote speakers:
  • Natalie Nagele (co-founder & CEO, Wildbit)
  • Shannon McGuirk (Head of PR & Content, Aira)
  • Peldi Guilizzoni (founder & CEO, Balsamiq)