Let’s talk about making money, literally…

O Street — The People's Money

Each year, we include in the Turing Fest agenda lunchtime sessions that are designed to complement the main conference tracks — but also offer a refreshing change of pace. We look for interesting people with interesting, off-beat insight to share.

Today, we’re delighted to reveal our lunchtime session for Day 1 of Turing Fest 2017: David Freer, co-founder of Glasgow design studio O Street, will be joining us to talk — in a very literal way — about making money.

David and O Street are some of Scotland’s most respected designers, working on projects for everyone from the National Galleries of Scotland and BrewDog to Google and Spotify. They recently brought their formidable design expertise to an unusual project: ‘The People’s Money‘, a collaborative effort to design new polymer banknotes for the Royal Bank of Scotland.

You might find in your wallet right now the stunning results of more than a year of public consultations, concept development, meticulous typography and art direction and complex polymer printing — and on Wednesday 2 August, we’ll get a fascinating look inside that painstaking process. If you’re joining us for the Product and Strategy tracks, you won’t want to miss it!

In case you missed it, we’ve also announced the Day 2 lunchtime session: a fascinating talk about Alan Turing and Enigma given by Dr Mark Baldwin (and his own pair of Enigma machines!) It’s going to be a real treat for all the history and cryptography buffs attending the Engineering and Marketing tracks.