NextGen: 1,000 founder/VC intros in one evening

NextGen at Turing Fest 2017Supporting Scotland’s startup founders and helping them connect with the people they need to know has always been part of Turing Fest’s mission. Over the past six years, we’ve been working to build a flagship tech business event for Scotland; an annual gathering that provides a meeting-place for people, ideas — and capital.

Lack of ready access to the post-seed investment needed to scale young businesses is one of the greatest hurdles facing the Scottish tech economy. We need to get more investors — particularly those who can provide post-seed and Series A funding — looking to Scotland for their deal flow. There are some great companies starting up and scaling up in Scotland right now — but building the next Skyscanner takes a lot of capital.

Last year, we launched a new fringe event with a very practical purpose: get the founders of the next generation of high-growth Scottish tech companies in the room with as many investors as possible. It was pulled together at the eleventh hour last year, as an experimental event and, though it was a little chaotic, it was a hit — enjoyed by founders and investors to the extent that we’re tripling it in size this year.

Today, we’re pleased to announce the launch of NextGen, an invitation-only event organised in partnership with our pals at Silicon Valley Bank that will take place in Edinburgh on the evening of Tuesday 1 August. We’re seeking the 50 best founders and CEOs of early-stage Scottish tech companies to join us and 20 of the UK’s top early-stage tech investors for networking drinks, investor speed-dating and a panel discussion/Q&A. We’re aiming to make 1,000 introductions between VCs and founders in one evening, with the opportunity for follow-up meetings over the two days of Turing Fest. By the time we get to Turing Fest 2018, we expect that quite a few of the people in the room will have gone on to become partners on the growth journey.

There is no better opportunity in Scotland to meet informally with partners and investment managers from some of Europe’s most forward-thinking venture capital firms – all of whom are actively looking for deal flow north of the border. Here are some of the investors who will be joining us:

  • Fred Destin, formerly a partner at Accel (where he was lead investor and board member at Deliveroo, Pillpack and Carwow)
  • Sitar Teli, managing partner at Connect Ventures (whose portfolio companies include Citymapper, Pact, Truelayer and Typeform)
  • Harry Briggs, partner at BGF Ventures (Garrison Technology, Paddle, Streetbees, Tapdaq)
  • Sandy McKinnon, partner at Pentech Ventures (Criticalblue, FanDuel, Nutmeg, Outplay)
  • Patrick Norris, partner at Notion Capital (AdBrain, GoCardless, DueDil, Workable)
  • Hussein Kanji, partner at Hoxton Ventures (Darktrace, Deliveroo, Mavrx, Yieldify)

You can find the full list of participants here — we’ll be announcing more over the coming days.

To keep NextGen intimate, informal and productive, spaces are strictly limited: 50 founder/CEO spots and attendance is by invitation only. If you’re interested in joining us, please request an invitation here. We’ll be sending out invitations over the next couple of weeks — applications will close at 6pm on Friday 21 July. We can’t wait to meet you — and neither can 20 of Europe’s smartest investors…