EICC, Edinburgh, 2 August 2017

Whether you’re involved in building hardware or software, creating websites and apps or designing services, or developing events and user experiences that are not exclusively digital, there’s so much waiting for you at Turing Fest 2017:

  • A diverse audience: developers, UI/UX designers, product managers, user researchers, service designers, startup founders, corporate managers, agency folk — we’ll have all of the above in the room, and more.
  • Insight and inspiration: a great day of talks and discussions that will offer a mix of tactical and strategic insight into the art and science of building great products.
  • Learn from the best: our speakers bring experience and expertise from top-flight product organisations like Google, Stripe and the Government Digital Service, and a shared passion for helping you build better products and design better services.

Grab your ticket now and join us on Wednesday 2 August!


Courtney Seiter, inclusivity catalyst at Buffer“It was such a wonderful experience to be part of the Turing Festival! The event has a great energy, making it an awesome place to meet folks in a casual setting whether you’re a seasoned networker or a curious introvert. I love that Turing Fest brings together a variety of disciplines under one roof – it’s a great realization that all these different areas inform and interact with one another, and harmonizing them together is the way to build world-class companies! The backdrop of the Edinburgh Festival makes this event truly one of a kind.”

— Courtney Seiter, inclusivity catalyst at Buffer

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