Andy Young

Andy Young

Startup Swiss Army Knife

Andy is a startup Swiss Army knife who helps fun teams with big ambitions, from core strategy to getting his hands dirty with growth, product, analytics and code. He looks at product through the lenses of his varied experiences as a software engineer, tech architect & CTO, product lead, country lead for B2B sales, partnerships & operations, and most recently focusing on overall business success as a technically-minded growth marketer.

An engineer at heart, Andy founded membership management platform GroupSpaces whilst at university, and grew it to help thousands of group leaders manage 5 million memberships, raising $2.5M investment along the way.

He launched Stripe in the UK and Ireland, growing its presence from early beta through to the payment platform of choice used by many thousands of companies from startups through major brands.

The Selective Tweets app Andy created for Facebook has been used by over 1 million people, and he’s mentored startups at accelerators including 500 Startups, Seedcamp, TechStars, EF, Ignite100 and Oxygen.



The Myth of the Hockey Stick: How Growth Actually Works


The web is filled with endless stories of the infamous tricks and “growth hacks” apparently utilised by famous startups and enlightened others to achieve the holy grail of exponential growth. Andy will cut through the noise to examine the truth behind real growth stories and explore strategies we can all use to grow sustainably without […]