Juan Felipe Rincón

Juan Felipe Rincón

Global Lead - Search Outreach, Google

Juan Felipe is Global Lead of Search Outreach for Google’s Trust & Safety team. His team’s mission is to help website owners create great fast, mobile, safe and secure websites. Juan Felipe is from the Americas, and currently lives in Dublin. Prior to joining Google, he spent the better part of the previous 15 years in the mobile and wireless industry and startup ecosystem, focusing on developer evangelism in the mobile web and app space.



How Do You Teach 10 Million Hard-to-Reach Website Owners the Essentials of Website Security?

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Some key audiences can be really difficult to reach. Those of us who focus on helping website owners keep their sites safe from hackers know this well — those who we think we could help the most are often the least tuned-in. Through the years that Google has been chipping away at the challenge of […]