EICC, Edinburgh, 2 August 2017

For many businesses, getting strategy right is the difference between success or failure. With the rules of engagement changing faster than ever before, a lot of traditional wisdom is no longer relevant as paradigms shift at breakneck pace. It’s arguably harder and more complex than it has ever been to make the right strategic decisions. That’s why we’re excited to introduce Strategy as a standalone track at Turing Fest 2017. Here’s what you can look forward to at Day 1 of Turing Fest 2017:

  • Connect with the best: We’ll have some of the smartest technology founders and leaders at our conference — both on the stage and in the audience. Our speakers bring leadership experience from world-class tech businesses like Google, Dropbox, Y Combinator and Skyscanner.
  • Learn and share: whether you’re a first-time founder or a tech veteran, corporate senior management or just beginning your career, you’ll find some invaluable takeaways that will make you think — and give you a better chance of being successful at what you do.
  • Participation, not just observation: this year, we’re mixing up the format to include panels, fireside chats and plenty of networking opportunities, to make sure we have some lively interactive discussion around the strategic side of building a business in the era of ubiquitous tech.

Grab your ticket now and join us on Wednesday 2 August!



Patrick Campbell, co-founder & CEO of Price Intelligently“There are few ecosystems and events that go as in depth as Edinburgh’s Turing Festival. If you’re looking to learn and build your company the right way, then you need to be there.”

— Patrick Campbell, co-founder & CEO of Price Intelligently

If you're building a tech business, you need to be there.