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Get inspired: two days of unique tactical and strategic insights and war stories from people building and scaling incredible products and companies.
Get connected: unrivalled opportunities to meet and engage with a diverse audience of technologists, businesspeople and creatives from all over Europe.
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Why you need to be there...

What's really great about Turing is that you have a really dense, compounding community that's getting better every year. When you come here, the conversations that you have about tactics, strategy and everything in between are really in-depth in a way that you just can't get anywhere else — plus, Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful European cities out there!

Patrick Campbell

Patrick Campbell
Co-founder & CEO, ProfitWell

Turing Fest is like a tech conference, but better. It's not faceless. It's not anonymous. You're hearing real stories from real people. The networking isn't just there as a bolt-on — it really matters. You speak to people who are doing real things today, and that's important; you walk away having a great conversation about what you can do tomorrow, but also build the relationships that might help you further down the line.
Harrison Gilmore

Harrison Gilmore
Product manager, Care Sourcer

Great atmosphere with the audience, brilliant number of companies and founders, and just a really lovely, relaxed, congenial atmosphere, which is really rare at a tech conference. It just feels like everyone's having fun and are here for the right reasons. I think what's unique about Turing is the focus on what is actually super-helpful for early-stage companies.
Check Warner

Check Warner
CEO, Diversity VC

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