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Watch full-length HD video and download speaker slides from previous editions of Turing Fest — 100+ hours of world-class founders, technologists, product people and marketers talking about their crafts

The Highlights

These are just some of our favourite talks from the past four editions of Turing Fest...

Build: product, engineering, design
Grow: marketing, sales, customer success
Lead: strategy, scaling, company culture
Oli Gardner
Co-founder, Unbounce
Des Traynor
Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Intercom
Jonny Brooks-Bartlett
Data Scientist, Deliveroo
Dr Emily Anhalt
Co-founder & Chief Clinical Officer, Beam
Roan Lavery
Co-founder & Chief Product Officer, FreeAgent
Joanna Lord
Chief Marketing Officer, ClassPass
Patrick Campbell
Co-founder & CEO, ProfitWell

Nandini Jammi
Co-founder, Sleeping Giants



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