Turing Fest 2020
Build. Grow. Lead.
EICC, Edinburgh
4-6 August 2020
  • The expo at Turing Fest 2019

    Turing Fest is Europe's cross-functional tech conference

    Over three days this August, some of the world's leading product people, company builders and growth leaders will gather in Edinburgh to share practical insight into the art and science of building, growing and leading incredible technology businesses. Each of Turing Fest's three tracks — Build, Grow and Lead — is designed to foster inter-disciplinary learning and networking, to help break down silos and help your team see the bigger picture — all while learning from the best in the business.

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    Turing Founders 2018

    Turing Founders

    Alongside the main conference, our founders day on Thursday 6 August offers an unparalleled opportunity to connect directly with some of Europe's top early-stage tech investors

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    Kirsty Hulse at Turing Fest 2018


    After the conference, join us and our stellar speakers on Thursday 6 August for a day of small-group workshops, giving you the opportunity to take a deeper dive into some of the topics covered onstage

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  • Meri Williams at Turing Fest 2019


    The Build stage at Turing Fest features veteran engineers, product managers, designers and data scientists from world-class technology businesses, talking in detail about their crafts and what they've learned building the products you love. From prototype to production, and from startup to scale, you'll learn how the world's best product and technical teams work.


    Chris Messina at Turing Fest 2019

    Areas we'll cover

    Software development

    Product management

    Design & user experience

    Data science & AI/ML

    Infrastructure & scaling

  • Rand Fishkin at Turing Fest 2018


    The Grow track focuses on selling and scaling: you'll hear from top digital marketers, growth specialists and salespeople, sharing practical insights into the art and science of growth in 2020. We'll take a deep dive into the strategies and tactics that drive results, and how you can implement them to accelerate growth today. 


    Hana Abaza at Turing Fest 2019

    Areas we'll cover

    Marketing & advertising

    Revenue & sales

    Data, analytics & CRO

    PR & communications

    Customer success & support

  • Nandini Jammi at Turing Fest 2019


    The Lead track is designed to help founders, executives and investors better understand how to successfully scale their products, teams and culture, to build healthier companies for the long term. World-class entrepreneurs will talk candidly about their journeys, and share invaluable lessons learned along the path.


    Chris McCann at Turing Fest 2019

    Areas we'll cover

    Strategy & scaling

    Leadership & culture

    HR & talent

    Diversity, equality & inclusion

    Operations & org design

    Trends & emerging markets

Meet the first of 50+ speakers joining us onstage...

Chris Savage
Co-founder & CEO, Wistia

April Dunford
Founder, Ambient Strategy

Nick Marsh
Chief Product Officer, Wonderbly

Eli Montgomery
Head of UX, Cazoo

Peep Laja

Luke Carthy
eCommerce consultant

Geraldine DeRuiter
The Everywhereist

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