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Ed Fry

Data-Driven Growth: Lies, Lawyers & Outsized Results

Ed Fry

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This is not your everyday data talk. Through working deep inside the fastest growing SaaS startups in our space, we've studied the patterns, methods, and models for driving outsized results. The one common thread? How they use their data. (How else would you grow from one marketer through to a $60M+ Series B just 12 months later?). How do they make their data accessible, draw the right insights, set effective goals, prioritise and optimise processes, and automate ALL the (right) things. So brace yourselves: we're going to be navigating through AI, automation, "moving the needle", and a minefield of other buzzwords to try to make sense of using your data for growth. But you'll leave this talk with a simple framework and set of questions you can take and use right away.

Ed Fry
Ed Fry
Head of Growth,

Ed Fry manages growth at, the B2B customer data platform behind Drift, Segment, Mention and more. Ed's role involves researching and sharing playbooks for scaling, automating, and personalizing sales and marketing with smarter customer data management. He was previously employee #1 at (acquired by HubSpot.)



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