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Jes Scholz

Marketing in an AI World

Jes Scholz

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The marketing landscape has become more complex, yet often resources remaining the same. In such an environment, many companies have turned to automation or algorithms and call it "AI". Yet smart companies are taking this a step further, leveraging full power of machine learning, computer vision and natural language processing to better connect with users and drive marketing KPIs. In this session, we translate the buzz around AI marketing to real world knowledge and actionable insights.

Jes Scholz
Jes Scholz
International Digital Director, Ringier

An Australian-born German resident who has worked across Africa and Asia, Jes is no stranger to the challenges of international digital marketing. Coming from the Berlin startup scene, she now leads a team responsible for the establishment of marketing best practices and transferring learnings globally across Swiss media giant Ringier's diverse portfolio of brands. 

Jes spends much of her time testing theories on the future of search, leading projects in chatbots, computer vision, virtual reality, AI for automation and anything else that can future proof brands. A strong believer in data driven marketing and agile methodologies, she is always testing out new tactics with the help of her team.



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