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Mark Logan at Turing Fest 2018

The Real Reasons Startups and Scale-ups Fail (And What to Do About It)

Mark Logan

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What’s the overriding reason cause of startup failure, and what causes so many successful startups to later break when entering the scale-up phase? Hint: it isn’t funding and it isn’t product/market fit. These are symptoms of a deeper cause. What is that cause, and how do we navigate past it?

Mark Logan
Mark Logan
Former COO, Skyscanner

Mark has over 25 years' experience in successful tech startups and first-tier internet tech environments. He was instrumental in the success of multiple award-winning startups, including as COO in Skyscanner, one of Europe's most impactful tech businesses, which he joined in early 2012 to take on the general management of the company, culminating in a £1.5 billion acquisition in 2016. He was VP of Engineering at Atlantech, a Scottish software business sold to Cisco for $180m in 2000, and a founding member of big data startup Sumerian, in 2002. He now works as an advisor, investor and non-executive director.




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